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Processing Carbon and Alloy Steels

Reliance Metalcenter® is a diversified metals processor and distributor based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We are a division of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (NYSE: RS), the largest metals service company in North America.

Carbon steel sheet and plate products are the mainstay for our customers—all from our home facility of  75,000 square-feet.


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Value-added Metals Processing Services
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Forming process that uses a punch press to force a tool, called a punch, through the material to create a hole or slot

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Use of fuel gases and oxygen to weld or cut metals

Plasma Cutting

A process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma


Cutting up bars of materials or cutting out shapes in plates of raw material


A cutting process that allows large sheets and plates to be cut to exact lengths and widths

Beveling/Miter Cutting

Making cuts on a piece of material at varying angles prior to welding or fabrication


The process of cutting holes in a solid material to custom specifications using a rotating cutting tool

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